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Ahn Do

Reasons For Migration.Anh Do's family decided to escape Vietnam because of the new communist government over ruling the whole entire country badly. So badly in fact heaps of people wanted to escape so the government put guards everywhere so that this could no longer be possible. Everyone of his relatives all got together and sold everything that they had so that they could buy the boat. When Anh Do was three he and his family migrated to Australia in 1980 as refugees.

Anh Do.By Lucinda Howe.

This is a video of Anh Do on The Project. This video is about Anh and his past and present life.

This is Anh Do.

This is a map of Veitnam.

In the picture at the bottom is a photo of Anh and his brother Khoa Do, and in the top picture is a photo of Anh and his wife Suzanne.

Contributions.Anh Do has made a lot of contributions to the Australian Society. Anh Do won four awards in 2011 and one in 2014. He also donates money to the Cancer Research Foundation and the Loreto Vietnam - Australia Program.

Experiences.When Anh Do travelled to Australia the toughest experiences were when there were two pirate attacks. They both stole one engine from the boat that Anh was in since they had two engines to keep them going.

The books above are both by Anh Do. He has also created a book series called Weirdo. But these books are just fiction, they are very entertaining though. The books above are all true they talk about Anh Do's journey to Australia and his past life.