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just mix what you wantYour CREATIVITY has no limits!

Female black window are shiny black with red-orange hourglass pattern on their a bomen.male black widow are not black but brown or gray with small red spots.black widow are poisonous arachnids--animals that have a skeleton outside

on their body. a segmented body and eight jointed legs.they aer not insects. their deadly poison is said to be 15 times stronger.

than rattlesnake venom.black widow use a silk like substance to weave tangled looking webs typically close to the ground in cover of dark place such as near drain pipes or under log. the female hangs upsids her prey exposing her bright marking as a warning to potentral perdators.

The black widow senses vibration to the web. When an unlucky in truder gets trapped the spider immediately begins weaving its glue-like webbing around it.

If a human touch it they get sick and then you die.



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