Ahlea Armstrong Unions

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Social Studies
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Ahlea Armstrong Unions

A union was a group of workers who came together in order to gain better working conditons


Unions also became the voice for women and children. Women had to work long hours of labor, and children did as well. Unions protested that womens hours should be cut, and they also protested that children should go to school to earn an education.

The work place was very hazardous for the laborers.The rooms were 80 degrees and higher ,which caused lung problems, etc. There were also large and dangerous machines.

Unions were started because many laborers felt that thier needs were not being met by thier employers. They did not earn enough money to pursue a decent lifestyle. Some laborers earned less than 52 cents an hour, and worked 10 or more hours per day. They earned 20-40% less than enough to have a decent living.



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