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Name:Aniqua A.S. WilliamsD.O.B.:April 28, 1994Background Info.:I'm sixteen,I'm a jounior I can be mean at times but most of the time I'm nice. I get along with most people well, but not the ones that I don't like. But other than that, I'm a good person to get along with.Birthplace:Jersey City, New JerseyHometown:Greenville

Personality: My personality varies from time to time. I can be this outgoing fun person, but when I'm not in the mood I can be very quiet and to myself. I can be VERY loud(at times). I can be VERY quiet(at times). I treat other people like I would want to be treated(sometimes).Childhood Life: I would say that my childhood life was kind of rough(most of the time). But for the most part I would go back and fourth between my mom and dad. I can remember somethings but not all of them. I just enjoyed being a child when I was little.

Parents: Shonda Williams(mom), (dad)Derick McQueen, and (stepmom)LaKeisha McQueenGrandparents:Valarie Williams-Bacon(grandmom-sweetie), and Very McQueen(grandmom).Uncles and Aunt(s): Mee-Mee(uncle), Maria(aunt), Christopher(uncle), Chubby(uncle), Chris(uncle), Darnell(uncle), Curt(uncle), Mikey(uncle), and Jerome(uncle) Mamie(aunt), Barbarah(aunt), Anamae(aunt), and Artie(uncle).

Best Friends: Auriel(Brooklyn). Maya(Conneticut), Tiana(Queens), and Andre(Baltimore).

I have five brother's and two sister's. Three brother's and two sister's on my mother's side and two brothers on my father's side.

When I needed my friends, they wre their for me. And the smae for them. My freinds are VERY important to me. Mainly because I've changed schools so much that I haven't had time to settle down and meet real people that can be my friends. But now I've met the most wonderful people in my lifetime. Maya, Auriel, Andre, and Tiana. They've been their through so much stuff that's happened to me. And I've been their for them when they were going through the things that have happened to them also. We're the UP NORTH QUAD SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!;)



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