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Agriculture and Physical Environment- Land Use

Physical Environment- Land Use Land use in the Agriculture era, was used for making food and preparing itself for the next thing it was going to be used for. Now most of our land use is for economic reasons (stores and businesses), homes, roads and railways, farming, and forests. This has developed so much over the years. In the years coming up to around 1980, most of the land was used for farmers and housing. There were not as many business bulidings as there are now as well as stores and malls. Also we have way more roads than there use to be because of the amount of cars people have and use on a regular basis; before they were used for special occasions.

Agriculture- Helping Society EvolveThe change that helped society change was when the original farmers sacraficed their time then, to grow wheat that was long term, and they gave up some of their other crops. When the concept of Ownership was changed, it causes the personal property rights to be the prime of importance. This helped evolve the society because it allowed farmers to become wealthy and pass down their wealth to the next generation.

When the Original farmers changed their wheat is when the evolution of the bigger and better wheat buds, which was a must better use of land.

The Change In society is hurting our agricultural view. Our natural land is diminishing from the amount of land being used for subdivisions and economical reasons. The factor that really started the change to occur is when WW2 ended in 1945. I believe this is what started it because the baby boomer era came along which created many things to expand much larger about 20 years after WW2 ended when the children that were born could start working.

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