Agriculture for the 21st Century

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Agriculture for the 21st Century

Charolotteville Tobago:The area of Charlotteville Tobago is one of much heritage and people who have been to the area will tell you that it has such a rich ambiance and vibe towards it. Charlotteville is a small town located on the North- West part of the island (just off the coast of Man o War Bay). Charlotteville is primraily a fishing village and along with tourism, that is how they earn the vast majority of revenue.

Agriculture For The 21st Century (and beyond)

What Is Sustainability and Why Is it Important?

My PropositionInstead of creating jobs in a way that will ultimately hurt the astethics of the Charlotteville community. Instead I plan on implementing an international agricultural program that has been previously implented by the IICD(International Institue for Communication and Development) in Kenya. What this program essentially does is to attract the youth of a community to the lifestyle of agriculture using ICT's by enhancing access to market information, making them aware of new technologies, and alerting them of financial opportunities.

In its most basic form, sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is of the utmost importance because we only have one Earth, and what has been done to damage it cannot be undone. This is why we need to make a change in the way we think about even the simplest of concepts, to ensure that it will have as little of a negative effect as possible on our surroundings

Research Question:What can be done to ensure the sustainable growth of a specific community, but doing so in a way that allows the youth to become more engaged with the needs of their community?

The Importance of Getting The Youth Involved:I believe that it is of the utmost importance to get the youth involved in the sustainable growth of THEIR very own community because the actions they take now (or don't take) are what is going to affect THEIR community in the future. Furthermore I think that by participating in this program, it will benefit these individuals by giving them a steady source of income, which can be very hard for many young people to obtain in today's less than stable economy.

My Plea to The Government of Trinidad & Tobago:I would want to first acknowledge that there aren't any sides here. This is not a debate between good and evil, or right and wrong, but instead just two sides of the very same coin. What I mean by this is, we both want to see the local economy booming, but our proposed methods by which we obtain the same end goal vary. However the point that I want to get across to you is that my method of doing so keeps in mind the potential needs of the future and works with those needs. This is a program that has worked in many other developing areas around the world, namely in Kenya, and its success will be no different here in Tobago. Once up and running, this program will begin to increase in size drastically due to word of mouth. The individuals who become successful from this program will serve as role models if you will- to others who are aspiring to venture into the world of agriculture.

The Problem at Hand:A source of much controversy as of late has been the THA (Tobago House of Assembly)proposed putting up of a $20M structure to accomodate the local vendors in the Charlotteville community. Members of the CBVA, namely Irwin Hercules, are up in arms at this proposed structure because it will "destroy the ambiance of their rustic fishing village and could hurt its tourism appeal." Without a doubt this statement also plays out be true because after all, why will the THA want to put up something that the tourists see all the time in their home countries and come to Tobago to escape?

The Benifits of This Program:- It provides many, easy access to jobs primarily young people- It furthermore gives these individuals a steady source of income- Using ICT's this program creates a small micro- economy for people within this program- It ensures the growth of the Charlotteville economy in a way that only adds to the asthetics of the environment around it


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