Agricultural Engineer

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Agricultural Engineer

Responsibilities*They use computer aided design (CAD) to design machinery componets and equitment.*They test agricultral equitment to make sure the product is running correctly.*Agricultral engineers meet and discuss with clients about plans and if the plans need to be changed.*They design and supervise environmental and land reclamation.*These engineers provide advice on water quality and other related issues.*For the animals/wildlife's comfort,health,and productivity,they design environments and housing for them.*They design structures such as greenhouses or sheds to store and/or grow plants and crops.*Planning and directing construction of electric power distrubution in rural areas is a big part of an agricultural engineers job.*They design food processing plants and supervise manufacturing operations.

PayPer Year: $74,000Per Day: $35.58

Interesting factsAgricultural engineers will almost never be at a loss for a career in this field. Some examples are John Deere,Kraft, and Purina.

Working ConditionsThey work full time and sometimes, overtime. Some outdoor projects for environmental reclamation or pollution managemnet needs good weather,so, they take long hours to take advantage of the good weather.

EducationA bachelor's degree, preferably in agricultural or biological engineering


FutureNumber of jobs in 2012:2,600Employment change 2012-2022:100Job outlook 2012-2022: 5% (slower than avergae)


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