Agents od Socialization

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Agents od Socialization

Agents Of Socialization

My family helped become the person who I am today, and continue to help me grow. Without my families support I wouldnt be the same person I am today.

My friend accept me for who I am and accept the changes I make to become a better individual. They pick me up when I fall and push me to be my trueself. My friends are who itrust most and with out them I don't know where I would be.

Sports are big part of who i am, I've been playing sports since elementry schooland it has really shaped me to who I am. My coaches push me to the best of my capabilities and my strengths. They push me to be the best i can be, not only in my sport but as an all around person.

Although sometimes I feel like school isnt doing much for me school helps me alot. Teachers are always there when you need help and so are friends and other peers in classes and just around the school. Without school I wouldnt know half the things i do today and would not be the same person.






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