Ageing Population

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Ageing Population

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Defence:The ageing population means there is less able-bodied men who can defend our nation in times of insecurity and war. The lack of manpower to defend our nation leads to the need of having powerful machineries like war tanks and jet fighters etc. These weapons require large sums of money.

Government: Due to the ageing population, the government has to spend more money to encourage more females to give birth by implementing the "Three Or More If You Can Afford It" policy. In this measure, the government help families relieve financial burden by providing funds.

Ageing Population

Elderly:The increase in retirement age allows more elderly to continue working and contributing to the society. However, their age deprive their efficiency at work as they are less fit physically. This slows down the rate of income generated by the nation.

Non- Elderly:The ageing population causes fewer young people supporting a larger pool of older people and more stress on resources. There is an increase in tax and financial burden carried by younger people. The rising cost of living would eventually bankrupt more citizens, thus slows down the economic progress of Singapore.

How does ageing population affect Singapore's economy

Effects On:

Industrial Sector

Financial Sector

Financial Sector

Financial Sector

The ageing population generally brings about negative economic impacts to Singapore. The government and working adults have more financial problems and the growth of economy in Singapore will be slowed down.The government has tried to implement certain policies and measures to solve this national issue. As Sinagporeans, we should help the government by either encouraging our senior citizens to exercise more to keep themselves physcially fit so that they will be of less burden to the society.

In Conclusion,

From this graph, we can infer that between year 1970 and year 2006, the number of citizens aged 25 and above have increased tremendously and more rapidly than the younger citizens. This proves that there is declined birth rate in Singapore throughout the years, which caused the ageing population.


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