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Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was born in Devon,England, on 15th September 1890.As a child,she never attended school because her mother wanted her to be taught at home.She was a very smart child who learnedvery early to create games to keep herself occupied.

In 1914,at the age of 24.she married Archie Christie,a pilots of the Royal Air Corps. They had one daughter, Rosalind, and divorced 1928th.During the First World War,Agata workeed as a nurse.In December 1926th disappeared in 11 days, which caused alarm fort in the media. Her car was found in a chalk pit. Finally he found at the hotel in Harrogate, where he stated that disappeared due amnesia caused nervous breakdown working mother's death and her husband's recognition of marital infidelityAgatha Christie for a second time, she married Sir Max Mallowan archaeologists.Works:"The Mysterious Affair at Styles", "Mysterious rival","At Bertram's Hotel","Eternal night","Caribbean mystery" and about 90 works.

Agatha Christie died on 12. January in 1976. 85 year of life. Her child, Rosalind Hicks died 28 listopada 2004th also in 85th year of life. Grandson, Matthew Pickard now has a copyright on her work.


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