AG Sparta

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AG Sparta

In Sparta, not all citizens were equal. Only those who were of Dorian ancestry could become Spartan citizens. Perioikos were non-citizens who could live in Sparta, farm land and trade, but could not join the military. Helots were "slaves," people from the lands that Sparta conquered. Spartan boys were taken from their families by age 7 to be trained in military arts. Unlike other city-states, women were given some freedoms and encouraged to be active.

SPARTA!in Ancient Greece

by Mrs. SchwinnMedia Specialist

The Spartan government was unique to Greek society. It was considered an oligarchy ~ with two kings who inherited their power. Spartan government also has a genousia (28 men over the age of 60, who were too old for the military), an apella (the assembly), and ephors (5 magistrates or judges). Their government was very strong, because, like the US Constitution, there was a balance of power by having different group overseeing each other.

What did the constitution of Sparta entitle its citizens to? How does that compare to the US Constitution?

Explain the process to become a citizen in Sparta.

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