Afterlife of the Egyptians

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Afterlife of the Egyptians

*Death was not seen as the last stage of life.*Gods and goddesses demanded human sacrifices.*After the people were dead, the gods became their protectors.

*Through mummification, the corpse was transformed into a new body,destined to rise again.*The passage to the underworld was difficult and dangerous


*They believed that afterlife was just like the life on earth.*In order to prepare their afterlife, they would be buried with Ushebtis who was responsible of people's works in the underworld.*After people died, they were sent to the underworld and were judged by the gods.*Their hearts woud be weighed against the Feather of Truth.*If the heart was heavier than the feather, it was eaten by the goddess, Ahemait.


HORUS: a falcon-headed sky god of the underworld who is the son of the Osiris and Isis.ANUBIS: a jackal-headed god of enbalming. He invented the embalming process for his king Osiris.AHEMAIT: a goddess who took form of the lion, crocodile and hippopotamus.

"Osiris, a major god of the afterlife, became the god of the underworld after his brother Seth killed him to gain his thorn" relates to the idea of Politics from PERSIA."Field of Reeds which is a paradisiacal world of plenty" relates to their afterlife belief in religion.

Afterlife of the Egyptians


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    What did they think happen after death?

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