After Twenty Years

by Cloudwind
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After Twenty Years

Theme: Although the path to fulfilling justice may seem rocky ,choose what is right for it will prove as fruitful in the future.

Characters:Policeman/ JimmyBobPlainclothes man

Conflict: Bob visits from the West to chat, after twenty years (hence the title),with his old chap Jimmy. Bob is predominantly sent to jail by a plainclothes man because Bob is apparently a notorious criminal.

SettingOn a dreary rainy night,In an vincinty,At 10 o'clock p.m, Year 1920, during the Renaissance, In New York. Mainly takes place outside of a cigar store.

ResolutionOnce Bob talks to the policeman,Bob meets, talks ,and notices that Jimmy is not Jimmy but a plainclothes man.Bob Is arrested but is given a note from the policeman who is actually Jimmy. Unknowingly Bob finally was able to chat with his friend after twenty years.

Plot :A seemingly baronial police man meets a mysterious guy named Bob. Bob tells the police man about his promise to his close friend named Jimmy.The police man leaves and later on a guy who is supossedly Jimmy meets with Bob and they chat. " Jimmy " is revealed to actually be a plainclothes man(police man in disguse). Bob is revealed to be a prominent criminal. The police man who Bob talked to ealier is unmasked as actually being Jimmy Wells.

After Twenty Years By:O'Henry


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