After They Die

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After They Die

Civil War Inventions

6000 BC

Embalming Was Invented

During the civil war embalming was used for two reasons. One is that if familes wanted to see there loved ones more life like. Second becuase it slowed the process of decaying. Embalming tents were used on the battle feild. Embalming was usally done by military surgeons . Yet because of how difficult it was to get the embaled body back home only 40,00 out of the 650,00 were embalmed.Click to watch video about Civil War embalming.

Embalming was first used by the Egyptians for two reasons, religious, and sanitary reasons. The materials they used are far different from materials now. They used linen, sawdust, lichen, beeswax, resin, natron, onion, Nile mud, linen pads, frankincense. The materials were all natural before, now we use different kinds of chemicals.

During the Civil War thousands of soldiers died unidentified. When officials tried to identify them, it usally was unreliable. Soldiers than began writing their names on paper and pinning them on their backs. By World War 1 soldiers were wearing official id badges, now known as dog tags.

13 year old boy found in steel coffin from the Civil War. Found in April of 2014.

When soldiers died on the battle field and the family wanted there loved ones back, the body was either embalmed in embalming tents on the battle feild or they were put in an air tight coffin with a glass lid or they were made from wood. Coffins were usally around 4-7$. The air tight coffins slowed down the process of decaying. Click to learn more!


Coffins became a hudge industry due to the Civil War


Dog Tags were Invented

1865 19th


Embalming Fluid was Invented

First person to be embalmed in America.

After They Die What happens to soldiers, from the Civil War, after they die.

Embalming fluid was created by Dr.Thomas Holmes. Dr. Holmes was the first person to use embalming during the Civil War. He also sold the fluid to physicians for $3.

Embalming is used for the deceased. It is were they are cut open and their blood is taken out of them and replaced with embalming fluid. Embalming fluid makes the body look more real and less colorless. The organs are too, removed and put into embalming fluid and then put back into the body. Embalming is used to preserve the body and make bodies look more alive.

What is Embalming?

Click to find out how embalming during the Civil War is similar to today.

Click to find out how dog tags during the Civil War are similar to dog tags today.


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