[2015] Nicholas Di Poce: After the War

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[2015] Nicholas Di Poce: After the War

After The WarBy: Carol Matas


Notetaking is a very useful stragety to use when you are reading a novel. I think that it s a great stagety because it is a really easy way to remember all the important parts in your novel. It is a very easy thing to do, when you are reading your book you just simply jot down some imortant notes so that later on you can go back to these notes and remember what happened in the novel

Making Connections

Dear Future grade nine students, I am here to tell you a reading stragety that I would reccomend you use when you are in grade nine. I recommend that you make connections to the text you are reading. This is very useful because when there are parts of the novel that you can relate to you can bring back a memory and you will have a better understanding of whats going on in the book and what the characters are going through

"They have taken away everything from you Ruth...Don't let them take away your heart too"(Matas 39)

"God is there and we must follow his commands and settle in Eretz Israel, just as the bible tells us"(Matas 79)

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"we've survived hitler" I scoff "Does he think he can scare us" (Matas 71)


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