[2015] Angela Loya: Afro-Americans in Vietnam War

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[2015] Angela Loya: Afro-Americans in Vietnam War

Brave Men

Everyday Daily Time NewspaperMain Topic: Afro-Americansin Vietnam WarLocation: Henderson, NVPublished: April 27, 1967Todays StoryOn this tragic day we found 6 Afro-Americans dead. Names: David Jacobs, Shawn Marfan, James Arkan, Andrew Brown, Preston Mcanan, and Clinton Martzan. We know most of them were your loved ones. They fought for our country. Majority of them saw little combat. This year marked a major transformation for African-American citizens in the United States. In Vietnam the African-americans are facing a much greater chance of being on the front-line. A large majority of them were in infantry, and made up about 12% of the Army and Marine total strength. Many of them joined the armed forces out of high school in order for them to recieve training, career oppurtunities, and wages that are not available to them. The Vietnam War saw the highest proportion of African-Americans ever to serve in an American War. We appreciated those who died for us in Vietnam.

April 28, 1967Dear Diary,3 years ago the United States sent ground troops into Vietnam, one out of every seven (about 14 percent) of those soldiers were African American. In cluding my father. I miss him so much. It's been way to long. He needs to come back. I'm scared for him so much. About 1 year ago he sent me a post card. He hasn't sent me another one. I'm really worried. I'm praying and praying that he will come back home and I know he will. He only volunteeered to show whites that he is capable to fight. He is a bravve man and I'm glad that I have him for a father. In his post card it said he missed us and wants to come home. I'm so upset, it has been way too long. Mom told me I would be fine but I'm not. I just wish that I could call him to see how he is doing. Today when I was in school I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I cried for about 10 minutes, then went back to class. When I got home I rushed to the mailbox to see if he sent anything. I found nothing. He knew I would miss him so much so why did he go. He told me before h eleft that he was well trained and he was a highly motivated professional. The last thing he told me was he wasn't going to be the only one but about 12% of Army and Marine total strength were a large majority of blacks. Well I got ot go, time for dinner. Bye! Sincerely,Emily


Afro-Americansin VietnamWar


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