africas water problems

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africas water problems


By Abbey Robinson, Abigail Ohlmes, and Ellen Modglin

Water Problems

The Basics- Unclean water causes cholera.- Water sources are few and far between.- There are few wells.- Much of Africa's water supply has a surplus of salt in it.- Water is heavy--in many cases it must be carried on the heads of women and is very strenuous.-Polution of water sources.

How can YOU help?

There are lots of foundations an organizations dedicated to fighting the water problem in Africa! Check out:- ChildFund: Essentials for Survival- The Water Projectand-Water Aid Americato help aid families in need!

The Stats- 80% of sewage discharged into riveres is untreated.- More than 300 million Africans lack access to safe water.- 50% of uban water is wasted, and 75% of irrigation water.

Map of Africa: Areas with the Least Water