Africanized Honey Bee

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Africanized Honey Bee

Identifying Characteristics:- 3/4 of an inch (small but dangerous)- covered in fur- brown with black stripes- four wings- can see ultraviolet rays, so they can fly at night

REWARD:- more nectar available for other insects- increase in pollen harvest over time- local humans protected- decrease in parasites and diseases spread

Last Seen:Throughout Europe and Africa, south of the Sahara Desert

Suspected hideouts:Although the killers have been dispersed throughout the Americas, the Western hemisphere tropical climate does not suit them. They continute to prefer the tropics of sub-Saharan Africa.

Crimes Committed:- exploited new habitats because not particular about nesting site- highly defensive in nature-pursued human enemies over 1/4 a mile- frequently swarmed and reproducing- stung venomously

WANTED:Africanized Honey BeeApis mellifera scutellataKiller Bee


By: Catherine Johnson


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