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Children In The World

Alot of people don't choose this life alot of rich people they blow there nose with money but the kids dont have anything to blow there nose people have a bed to sleep in but these kids dont no bed they sleep on hard dirty rocks so guys be happy for what you got and dont cry because you dont have the iphone 5 or ipod5 these kids are fighting for there lives so just be happy for what you guys got

Starvation 1000 of kids in this world are dieing of hunger every second but know one is helping them but we need to help them

Kids in war Around december/january there was a war in south sudan and woman where geting raped children have been going missing family have been dieing it was a nightmare and i pray to god if the kids were going to be okay but no kids have been going into war after the kids mothers and father were died they went poor

Kids should have the right to go to school and learn they need to have a future we need to help look at them 2 million syrian kids dont go to school that is not fair and there parents are trying to make there future great the parents don't want them to turn out like them







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