African Wild Dogs

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African Wild Dogs

-=-African Wild Dogs-=-

-=-Other Facts-=-A wild Dog can weigh from 39.5 to 79Lbs (18 to 36Kg). They can be from 29.5 to 43in (75 to 110cm) long. Their life span is up to 11 years. A litter can have up to 10 pups, though 19 have been recorded.

-=-A Wild Dog's Diet-=-Wild Dogs are Carnivores. They eat anything that has meat. They eat animals such as lions, deer, and small animals.

-=-Location-=-Wild Dogs can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa. They prefer a dense forest to open plains.

-=-Features-=-Wild Dogs have four toes on each foot othher than five. Wild Dogs also have long legs. This makes them faster and makes it easier to hunt.


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