[2015] Elias Cresswell: African Water Crisis

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[2015] Elias Cresswell: African Water Crisis

Stopping PovertyBegins WithClean Water.

Africans Drink Dirty Water Everyday

Drinkable Book

Afican Water CrisisIn Africa Only 10% of people have access to clean drinkable water.If we think about this we could actually help a lot.Without clean water can't grow food, can't build housing,can't stay healthy,can't stay at school,can't keep working.

How to help.The drinkable book is already one idea created and could save many people's lives.We could create water pumps to get water.

Why this has happened.The african people need somewhere to go toilet, wash, clean and then they have to drink from it.

African Water

Face Africa

Samuel Presland And Elias Cresswell JawDropper ShowStoppers.


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