[2015] George Miller: African water

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[2015] George Miller: African water

what can we do to help their communities?We can donate mony to charitable componys (eg:world vision, kids can and make a wish). We could also run/do a charitable avent (eg:the 40 hour famine).

african facts African people wash, clean and go toilet in the water. That means most of the suface water is very dirty.

Africa has very dirty water that we need some one to help us JawDropper Showstoppers

Africa is in need of help.

could you imagine drinking this water

we can make a change

The water is not clean for me

We can help africa

Can you belive that people drink this water

Componys are helping africa but they need monny to help. Keep helping so africa can live healthy.

watch this and see how africans live


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