African Society And Culture

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Social Studies
African-American History

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African Society And Culture

African society and culture

The african slave trade changed greatly when mulims and europeans began taking captives from the continent.They used inslaved people to grow rice,cotton,and tabacco.Bantu chiefs raided nearby villages for captives.They became laborers or were freed fro a payment.They also harvested sugar cane.

The Bantu migrations helped shape many cultures in Africa south of the Sahara.They traveled slowly and by diffrent routes.They fanned out over much of the land south of the sahara.The Bantu people had settled much of africa by 400A.D.

Life in Medieval Africa

Enslaved Africans developed rich cultures that influenced many other cultures, including our own.cave panting are the earliest form of african art we know about.They held onto the memories of their cultures.Music played a part in almost all aspects of african life.

The Bantus lived in Nigeria,Africa

The languge they speak is so many diffrent ones they have 70 diffrent ones.


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