African slaves

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African slaves

This is olaudah Equiano.He was born 1745 in Benin Empire. he died march 31, 1797 in London, United Kingdom. olaudauh Equiano was a african slave that was tricked in enslavement. and experienced difficulty as a child. soon after he was ensleved olaudauh equiano died at his home in memoral of a church that was renocated.



The African Slaves are slaves that are forced to wwork for the wealthys labor systmes. The African slaves are from africa. Their location was in West, Central, and East Africa. Sending thousands of slaves to North Africa and parts of Asia. From the 15th century to the 19th century, the Europeans bought millions of slaves in West, Central, and East Africa and bought them to Europe. They lived all over Africa. The African Slaves play a huge role i the Atlantic Slave Trade. the reason being is because they are not making any money, meaning they are not profiting because they are forced to work. The slaves were treatd harshly. Women constituded the majority of early African slaves. In addition to agricultural work, women carried ouut other economical processes such as trading, cotton sspinning, and dyeing. Men on the other hand was doing the hard work, such as farming and herding animals. Around 15th century b.c , Egypts new kingdoms enslaved non Africans, such as Jews from Palestan, through Warfare and imported to Nile Valley's. Africans role in the History transcontinental. slave trading hhs generlly been a provider or exporter for slave use for outside Africa. As time progressed, the Africans Slaves were affected because they started to declare slavery to be forbidden. They changed because of the slave trade because they started to outlaw slavery. African Slaves are now, in my opinion are not considered slaves, i think that they are now still being held captive. The ending of the slave trade and slavery in Africa had wide ranging affects on on African continents. many sociaieties that for centuries had particapated in economy based on slave labor and trading of had difficulty finding new ways to organize labor and gain wealth. how ever the oulawing of slavery did not erase the pain and stigma of having been a slave. They are currrently looking for expensive agricultural industries. And other projects.



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