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African Savanna By Alex and Aziz 098765434321

These are their goals.•To enhance wildlife and visitor security. •To minimize human wildlife conflictsand support community conservation initiatives •To enhance the conservation educationprogrammes •To undertake and facilitate management oriented research. •To enhance tourism management with a view to maximizing the existing revenue potential of the PAs •To prepare and implement management plans for National Parks and National Reserves •To administer and co-ordinate international protocols, conventions and treaties regarding wildlife in all aspects in consultation and collaboration with other stakeholders

Animals that live on the Savanna have adapted to the climate. Examples of these adaptations are the lion and the hippos. The lion relaxes for most of the day. This helps them conserve energy for the hunt during the early morning and evening. Hippos use a special sweat that acts like sunscreen. The sweat turns red and helps scatter light to prevent sun burn.

African Savanna

Climate change in East Africa

The Savanna

In Africa the growth of the human popultation has created the need for more crops, and by cuting down and clearing areas for more farms. The habitat is being destroyed. These new farms make the soil less compact so the nutrients are washed away. The new farms also produce more greenhouse gases like CO2, Methane, and nitrous oxide. It alos changes the Earth's land cover and effects the Earth's abillity to absorb and reflect heat. This increases the climate temperature.

Temperature Kenya annually

Food chain of The Savanna

The Human impact on Climate Change

Annual Precipitation in Kenya

Precipitation collector. This device collects the precipitation of each day. Each recording is averaged to create a precipitation graph. It helps uderstand the flood season in the Savanna.

The thermometer measurse the tempreture of the each day. Then each recording is averaged and helps create a temperature graph. This helps understand the dry season.

How heat is distirubuted through Africa. Red is desert,orange is semi-arid, blue is tropical climate, green is semi-tropical

Kenya Wildlife Sevices is responsible for protecting the wildlife of the savanna. The government has reserved 8% of its country for protecting wildlife.

The Coriolis Effect in Kenya.


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