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african safari

"Kwaheri!" means goodbye in Swahili. Thanks for experiencing the African Safari with us!

Woah! The ground is shaking, must be the elephants trampling by. Click the elephants to get a closer look. Record 3 facts in your Safari Journal.

Look! Your first lion sighting! Click on the picture to find out more about African lions. Don't forget to take notes in your journal! Write three senteces describing lions. Happy hunting!

Welcome to the African Safari Adventure!

Wow, it's getting really hot! Click on the thermometer and record the hottest month in Botswana, as well as the month Kenya recieves the most rainfall.

Good thing we packed our safari the hat to find out why you need special gear while on safari. In your journal, write a letter home describing the tools and gear you brought and why you need them.

While you're on safari, you will experience the true savannah. You will encounter many animals on your journey and learn about the hot climates and conditions while on safari. Make sure you record your observations and experiences in your Safari Journal!

Zebra sighting! Click on the zebra to find out more about the characteristics of zebras, then write a poem in your Safari Journal describing zebras!

We hope you had fun on your African Safari, enjoy this clip featuring African elephants!


  • bc136982 10 years ago

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    vey good i wish i could go there

  • gabley 10 years ago

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    thats really cute

  • mjohnson56 10 years ago

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    i agree. its cute

  • doggiefroggie9991 10 years ago

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  • klasa1c 10 years ago

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    Fantastic !!!!!!

  • Melzzzzzz 10 years ago

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    I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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