African Lions

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African Lions

Habitats of African Lions: Lions are found in savannas, grasslands, dense bush and woodlands.There is no special status about african lions. They aren't endangered.Food:They feed carnivore which includes small and large mammals.Social structure: African lions generally live in groups which are called as prides. One pride generally includes two males and five females. Females of the pride are usually interdependent with each other but males of the pride can be transitory. Behavior: To talk about the hunting, generally females hunt to feed the pride and males protect the pride in dangerous situations. Interesting information: An african lion's roar can be heard from 8 km away.

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African Lions

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African Lions

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1)SİZE: Head-Body Length: Male: 172-250 cm, Female: 158-192 cm Height:100-128 cm Weight:Male: 150-260 kg, Female: 122-182 kg2)The family which african animals belong to is Felidae. 3) Special features:The coat of the African lion varies from white to yellowish brown. A tawny-yellow is most common. Males are easily identifiable by their large manes.


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