African History Timeline

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African History Timeline

The wedding basket.  Nyami's Daughter's Story

I think that she told her dad what happened and  that she will never date a man that lives down there again. She will not go down there again but she will help her sisters get milk from the cows and teach   them how to not get caught. And tell them what it was like to have a man down there .And to tell them to never date a man that lives down there ever.And how he was mean to her and hurt her feelings.

God is with me and you he loves us all he is the best thing in the  world he is with us all he loves me very much he there for me . he helps me a lot he love me to much i love him so much god is with me always know him with all your life love him  I LOVE GOD!

She asked  her father to forgive him and he got a wife and kids and he was so happy with his new life he was with joy with his wife and kids and he talked to his neighbors a lot more .



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