African Grasslands

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Environmental Studies

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African Grasslands

African Grasslands

The grassland is dry and that causese forest fires so trees can not live. There but grass is able to withstand the heat. In the grassland there are two seosans the rainy seosan it lasts five months and the dry seosan it lasts seven. Months somtimes in the dry seosan it can get 130º.

The Aard wolf lives in holes underground. They are only the size of foxes. That eat termites and they can easily get them by diging them out.

The baobab is 75 feet tall and can live for seeral thousand years.It also has no leaves for nine months of the year. It kind of looks like a upside down tree with huge roots.

Aard wolf


African Grassland

Map of African Grasslands

The African Grassland is only located in Africa.

The aard wolf when its hunting looks like its in pure sight, but in the dry season the grass is yellow so other animals can't see them.

Aard wolfs main stand up when strested to make it apear biger.

This is a map of where aard wolfs are located.

Aard wolf map


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