african elephants

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african elephants


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BOTH African and Asian elephants today are ENDANGERED. The African elephant is bigger and taller than that Asian elephant; they are the largest living land mammals on earth. African Elephants live in the grasslands of Africa. Asian elephants live the forests of Asia.

Elephants live in groups called herds, which consist of 10 or more elephants and are led by female elephants. When they travel in herds, they walk very quietly in single file, with the babies following behind their mothers for protection.

To communicate, elephants make ‘trumpeting’ noises to call each other. They also rub their bodies against each other and make rumbling noises in their bellies regarding their emotions, identity, and intentions. Elephants have such close bonds with one another that they bury their own dead. They bury each other under brush or with dirt or any other resources they can find. After burial, they stay with their dead for a few hours. This shows that elephants mourn just like we do; they feel emotions just like we do.

Elephants eat grass, small branches, bark from trees, and leaves from the tops of branches. To drink, they suck up water into their trunks and spray it into their mouths.

They collect food with their long trunks or by pushing down the trees with their large heads and bodies. They get the bark by scraping it with their sharp tusks. Elephants use their tusks to carry wood or logs for shelter, dig for water, and make their way through the forest. Just like humans are right and left-handed, elephants are right and left tusked!

Elephants are threatened mainly because of POACHING. Poachers hunt elephants for their beautiful tusks, made of ivory. Poachers have killed many of the oldest elephants because they have longer tusks. This is bad because the biggest, strongest elephants can no longer breed and keep their species alive. If poachers continue to hunt them, they will become extinct. Elephants are also suffering due to habitat loss from deforestation and human population growth, and being killed for their meat. Although some African countries have set up elephant reserves, there is still not enough being done to protect them. Please get involved and help save the elephants!!! CLICK this blurb to read an article regarding the killing of elephants.

Please click here to help save elephants' lives! Sign the petition and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Click PLAY to see the devastating effects of poaching.WARNING: Contains very sad and disturbing events!

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    I love this Glog. I used it as an example for an 8th Grade Teacher interested in having students create glogs about Endangered Species. Yours is one of the best!