African Elephants

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African Elephants

Elephants live near west and central Africa. They live in dense forests and desert savannahs.

Mother and her baby

African Elephants

Elephants eat grasses, leaves, bamboo, bark, roots. They eat 300-400 pounds of food each day.

African Savannah Elephants African Forest ElephantsLoxodonta

The Afrian Elephants all have deep family bonds. In every herd, there are at least 8-100 individuals. Elephanst have shown signs of expressin grief, joy, and anger. Elephanst have an incredible memory that cann last up to ten years. They communiate by produciong a rumble that travels through the ground.

African elephants can grow to be 5- 14 feet tall. They can be as long as 30 feet from trunk to tail. African elephant's weight can range from 6,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

African Savannah

African elephants are endangered, becuase the ivory in the elephant's tusks is very valuable. People used to kill the elephants for money. Killing these creatures is illegal now, but the horrid act is still going on.

Endangered ?


African Forest

The gestation period of an African elephant is around 22 months. Their mating season is druing the rainy months. The litter of an African elephant consists of mostly one calf, but sometimes elephants may have twins.

Elephant Swimming






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