african elephants

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african elephants


SURVIVALADAPTATIONSAfrican Elephants have a long and flexible trunk.This adaptation allows them to reach high into trees to get there food.

SURVIVALADAPTATIONSAfrican Elaphents suck up water through their trunks and spray it on to their backs. This adaptation allows them to keep cool in hot habitats.

SURVIVALADAPTATIONSAn elephant has only four teeth in its mouth. They are considered molars and are found in each section of the jaw, two on each side of the mouth.

SURVIVALADAPTATIONSAn elephant’s tusks are modified teeth. Tusks are used for digging, debarking trees, moving objects, and making contact with one another

after I suck this up im going to spray it on my back because it is hot out here

we are considerdthe largest land-living mammels in the world

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