African elephant

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African elephant

african elephant

basic facts about the african elephant-they eat 1000 pounds a day-they are vegetarians-they live in herds of as many as 200 elephants-height:9-12 feet -weight: 8000-13,000 pounds-distinct features: -large ears (up to 4 feet tall) -dark grey collor -curved back

why are african elephants endangered?Elephants are endangered because people are illegaly killing them for the ivory in there tusks. why should we help them?About 100,000 elephants are killed each year, at this rate elephants will be extinct by 2020. Thats only 6 years from now. These wonderfull creatures need help.what is being done to help them?there are national parks and wildlife centers keeping these animals from going extinct but there population is still dwindling quickly.

baby african elepant

adaptations-elephants have large ears so that they can fan themselves of in the hot dry desert.-elephants have a long flexible trunk that allows them to reach into trees and pull up roots and grasses from the ground. With out there trunk they wouldnt be able to find the nearly 1000 pounds of vegetation they consume each day. Their trunk also allows them to spray water on themselves to cool off.-they have long curved tusks that allow them to dig up roots and defend themselves against predators.

help us!!!!

food chain and habitatafrican elepants can eat up to 1000 pounds of veggitation every day. they live africa in the savannahs and forests.


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