African elephant

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African elephant

HabitatThe African elephants live in savannahs, dense forests with open plains, and rain forests of the central west. They can be found in 37 countries in the Sahara Desert.

Predators Adult African elephant have no predators other than humans. But the calves have many predators like lions, alligaters, hyenas, crocodile , leopards, wild dogs.PreyThe African elephant is a herbivore. They eat grass, bark, shoots, buds of trees, and fruits . They eat 300 pounds of food a day.Food WebHumans^Afircan elephant^Grass^Sun Light^Seeds^Fertilizer^Dirt

Classification Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Chordata Order: ProboscidaeFamily: ElephantidaeGenus: LoxodontaSpecies: AfricanaScientific name: Loxodonta Africana

RelatedMy animal the African Elephant ia related to the Shetland ponnie , Polar bear are all related to my African elephant . The shetland ponnies scientific name is Equus Caballus .The polar bears scientific name is Ursus maritimus. They are all in the Phylum Chordata.

How They Adapt The African elephant cool themselves by using their large ears. They also roll in mud to pervent sunburn . There large ears help them protect themselves from predators.

African Elephant



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