African Elephant

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African Elephant

The African Elephants are an endangered species. They are losing their habitat due to urbanization. As the human population grows, the area occupied by us also expands. We have almost destroyed their ecosystem and have pushed them into smaller pockets of settlement. The elephants are also dying of starvation because they do not have enough food to eat. Elephants can also get diseases from chemicals and pollution. The presence of toxins in water, fertilizers in crops and grass eventually leads to their death. The elephants are forced to drink from local water points such as lakes, ponds, and river belts, all of which contain toxic waste and chemicals. Another reason the African Elephant is endangered is because of poaching. They are being killed for their ivory tusks. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has introduced legislation like the African Elephant Conservation Act, which has helped in controlling illegal activities such as poaching. There are about 600,000 African Elephants in the world today. If the poaching continues, their chances of survival will decrease rapidly. The African Elephants need our help to survive.

African ElephantBy Sophia Pena

The habitat of the African Elephant ranges from the arid regions of western Niger to the Savanna grasslands of East Africa. They are the second largest animal on Earth. They are herbivorous animals and feed on grass, shoots, roots and bark. They can eat about 300 pounds of food per day. They drink about 200 liters of water in a day. They use their trunk which has 40,000 muscles as a tool to hold water. They live in large groups called herds.


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