[2015] Tre Damon: African Elephant Glog

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[2015] Tre Damon: African Elephant Glog

African ElephantThe Savana & Forest Species

Physical DescriptionAfrican Elephants can weigh anywhere from 5,ooo-14,000 lbs. They have large ears that look like their home continent, Africa. They also have a trunk and tusks

HabitatThe African elephant inhabits the grasslands and forsests of Africa. They like the hotter climate. The Savana species live more in the grasslands and the forest species live in the forests.

Where do they Live?The African elephant lives in the southern region of Africa. They live near the Congo River basin and also near coastal east Africa. African elephants are vulnerable because of poachers. Their tusks, made of ivory, are very valuable.

Interesting FactsThe African Elephant is the largest land animal. It has molars that weigh eleven pounds each and measure 12 inches. 1/4-1/3 of the African elephant population are the forrest species. Did y0u know that elephants mourn like us? They burry their deceased and cry for them.

HabitsAfrican Elephants travel in herds. They flap their large to cool themselvs down. They eat between 330-375 pounds of food EVERY DAY. They drink about 40 gallons of water every day.


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