African Dik Dik

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African Dik Dik

CharacteristicsThe African Dik Dik stands about 30-40cm tall at the shoulder, are 50-70cm long, weigh 3-6 kg, and can live up to 10 years. But only males have horns. The dik dik is not endangered. it normaly lives 10 to 15 years.

The African Dik Dik

African Dik Dik at Birth

Male African Dik Dik

Female African Dik Dik

African Dik Dik's live in the bushlands of eastern and southern africa. They also seem to be very peculiar of where they are at times. Because they seem to be careful of what territory they enter and exit from. Because if not so careful they can be dinner for their predators their hunted by. To keep cover from their predators the dik dik's usually try to buurow in bushs. Sometimes they even run. The average speed For an African Dik Dik is 42km (26 mi) an hour.

Where They Live

African Dik Dik's mostly eat foliage, fruits, berries, and shoots but hardly ever do they eat grass. The African Dik Dik digests the food with the help of the acid that their tongue provides. The food first goes through their mouth, then through their four-chamber stomach, then they eat it all over again. Which this is a process called rumination. The Dik dik can also eat tee bark from a tree called the acacia tree. But while oing this they keep their heads high enough they can still keep track of their predators and to see if any are approaching.

Dik Dik's Diet

African Dik dik's are a small animal and are very easily hunted. It is very fast and has many preditors including humans. Its diet is very healthy because it is a herbivore. But it is also a very agressive animal if cornered. There are a few types of Dik dik's but they live in different parts of the world. Most of them live in Austrailia. They love berries and will not eat grass. Also they are not endangered so if possible you are capable of helping and caring for one if hurt or for your particuilar needs. And they are very cute.


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