African Dance

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African Dance

3 Additional facts:-African society did not seperate their every day life from music and other cultural experience.-In Africa, dance is a means of marking life experiences, encouraging abundant crops, honoring kings/queens, etc.-Different parts of the body are emphasized by tribal groups.

Effect on CultureEssential role of culture of tribes:provide entertainment communicate emotions, celebrate rites of passage, strengthen bonds

Male and Female RolesMen dance with an attack of rapid, forceful movements. Women dance with sustained grace.

African Dance

ClothingSome dances called for tight clothing, others may have used flowing cloth

Drums, xylophones, thumb/finger piano, bells, rattles/shakers, harps, bows are the African intruments.

2 dances- the Akogo and the Lamban

Dancing tribesNguni group-Ndlamu danceMaasai warriors-AdumuGhana-KpanlogoSotho-Mohobelo "striding dance"

Ancient Africa Time period3500 B.C.- 500 B.C.


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