African Colonization

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African Colonization

African Colonization

Otto von Bismarck of Germany convened a 14 nation conference that essentially carved up Africa for the European nations so they could extract as many resources as possible (Mercantalism). No Africans were present to express their wants or needs.

EconomicAccess to resources and a market for manufactured goodsPoliticalRivalries with other nations that were competing to build empiresReligiousWanted to spread Christianity and thought Europeans were superior. (Social Darwinism and "White Man's Burden")

European Motives for Colonization

Berlin Conference 1884-1885

PositivesImpoved sanitation, schools, better transportation (roads/ railroads) and communication (telegraphs)NegaitvesLost land and independence, disease and famine, breakdown of culture, artificial boundaires

Impact of Colonial Rule


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