African Christianity

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African Christianity

The decline of Christianity in Egypt happen by the thirteen century when the Christian crusades and Mongols invaders from the east threated Egypt. By the mid-fourteenth century they witnessed violent anti-Christian pogroms, desctruction of churches, and the forced removal of Christians from the best land. Even thought was becoming and Arab and Muslim country, a substantial Christian minority persisted among the literate in urban areas and in monasteries located in remote regions. By the early twenty-first century, Egyptian Christians still numbered about 10 percent of the population.

Introduced by Egyptian traders and missionaries, a new center of African Christianity was taking shape during the fifth and sixth centuries in several kingdoms of Nubia to the south of Egypt. Kings served as priest, and Christian bishops held state offices. Both ruling class and many commoners had become Christians, by the mid-seventh century. Pressures mounted in the 1200s and 1300s as Egypt adopted a more opposed stance toward Christians, while Islamizedtribes from the desert and Arab migrants pushed against Nubia. By 1500 Nubian Christianitity, like its counterparts in coastal Noth Africa, had largely disappeared

Ethiopia became a christian island in a muslim sea, protected by its mountainous geography and its distance from major centers of Islamic power. The spread of Islam largely cut Ethiopia off from other parts of Christendom and give its position in northeast Africa uncertain. Ethiopia monks longs maintained a presence in Jerusalem church of the Holy Sepulcher, where they say that is the site that Jesus was crusified and buried. The Ethiopia dynasty cronstructed a series of twelve linked udergruond churches, attempting to create a New Jerusalem on Christian Ethiopian soil, As the original city lay under Muslim control. The churches are still in use to this day in Ethiopia.

Explain the decline of Christianity in Egypt.

Explain the rise of Nubian Christianity

African Christianity

Explain the Development of Christianity In Ethopia

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