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African Arts

African Instruments

SS:HI:5: Social/Cultural SS:HI:2:5.2: Identify the concept of diversity. (Themes: E: Cultural Development, Interaction, and Change, I: Patterns of Social and Political Interaction, J: Human Expression and Communication

SS:GE:2: GeographySS:GE:2:1.2: Introduce spatial information on maps and other geographic representations, e.g., map key, compass rose(Themes: C: People, Places and Environment)


Did you know?1. Masks are used during special occasions such as: dance performances in festivals and events; funerals, when certain dances escort the dead and drive away the spirits; wedding ceremonies to entertain people and to call upon the blessings of the gods and the ancestors, etc. 2. Masks are also used as decoration within the home. Some are individually carved to represent a tribal elder or chief and placed in the home of relatives as a form of reverence.

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