African Americans

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Social Studies
African-American History

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African Americans

African Americans:

The chase for Academic inequality for all!!

African Americans have struggled for academic inequality for a very long time. African American's had little to no respect in the US for around the first 200 years of our countries existance. Many African Americans were enslaved for more than 200 years. While enslaved many slave owner would not allow slave to learn to read and write because of the fear that they would be "too smart" and rebel against them. In 1870 Virginia instituted the system of public education. These schools were entered on a segregated basis. Despite the deck being stacked against them African Americans pursued education very hard. One very difficult problem that African American schools faced in the early to mid 1900s was the lack of funding. The African American schools were severly under funded, this made it extremly difficult to better these young African American students educations. One of the most famous Suprem Court trials in the history of our nation took place in 1954, This was the case that would eventually help get rid of Plessy vs Ferguson, the bill that was passed that allowed seperate but equal facilities, for blacks, and whites. Brown V. Board of Education stated that theEqual Protection act forbid children from being segregated in public schools. In 1957 Central High Schoo (pictured right) was the center attention of the Nation when nine high school students were the first african americans were the first to attend a white school. There was a good bit of fall out from the students arriving at school. When these students were give their assignment it was expected they would be scared off by the many death threats, and the government would call off the segregation act. In the last ten years we have seen a steady increase in African American collegiate graduation rates. I believe that this directly relates to the time that it has taken for Americans to leave prejudice behind us. I believe that African Americans are begening to believe that they can graduate college, and they are becoming more confident thus allowing them to gain the knowledge to be successful in our society.

Example of an African American School house in the 1870s

In the 1937-1938 school year in Halfix county, the white school received $561,262, compared to the African American school that recevied $176,881

A picture taken on the steps of the supreme court soon after the ruling on Board V. Education

The number of African Americans that are graduating from college has increased around 10% from 1990-2011


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