African Americans In the Civil war

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Social Studies
African-American History

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African Americans In the Civil war

Civil War History-This was the war between the North and the South states- The main reason for fighting was the issue of slavery-About 4 million+ soldiers fought in the civil war.- African Americans constituted 10% of the entire Union Army by the end of the war, and nearly 40,000 died over the course of the war.

Sword Pistol/Elgin Cutlass PistolThis was the first percussion-type pistols used by the U.S. Navy while the Bowie-like knife attached to it dispatched enemies when all chambers had been emptied.

.Coal Torpedo-This was gunpowder bomb disguised by genuine pieces of coal -The bombs were loaded or smuggled intocoal supplies in ships. When workers stoked the furnace, the bombs exploded.

Samuel Cabble, 55th massachusets infantryDear Wife i have enlisted in the army i am now in the state of Massachusetts but before this letter reaches you i will be in North Carlinia and though great is the present national dificulties yet i look forward to a brighter day When i shall have the opertunity of seeing you in the full enjoyment of fredom i would like to no if you are still in slavery if you are it will not be long before we shall have crushed the system that now opreses you for in the course of three months you shall have your liberty. great is the outpouring of the colered peopl that is now rallying with the hearts of lions against that very curse that has seperated you an me yet we shall meet again and oh what a happy time that will be when this ungodly rebellion shall be put down and the curses of our land is trampled under our feet i am a soldier now and i shall use my utmost endeavor to strike at the rebellion and the heart of this system that so long has kept us in chains . . . remain your own afectionate husband until death-Samuel Cabble

African Americans In The Civil War

HardshipsPoor food, disease, poor medical treatment, great distances to travel, poor equipment, poor military leadership in the lower ranks, no sanitation

The 54th regiment-Led by Colonel Shaw.- The 1st black regiment on the north.-On July 18, 1863, the 54th Massachusetts stormed Fort Wagner.-Unfortunately, the 600 men of the 54th were outgunned and outnumbered.-Colonel Shaw was also killed and buried with his soldiers.

Eulogy-The 54th regiment fought for the freedom the black man had been searching for his whole life.-They fought to their deaths so their families could have better lives. -It didn't matter what the white soldiers told them, their actions and bravery showed the white man that they were every bit as equal.


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