African Americans and Politics During Reconstruction

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African-American History

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African Americans and Politics During Reconstruction

Because the Freedmen were a majority of the population for a time in the South, they held a lot of political positions. They often held, what the whites called "colored conventions" (pictured above, right), to speak about how they could use their power in politics and help educate eachother. Due to this spread of education, many African Americans went on to dominate political roles such as the Delegates for Louisiana for the Louisiana Constitutional Convention (pictured above, left). These achievements were soon ended by enraged white politicians.

Despite the fact that the slaves were freed and emancipated, the Southern whites found ways to keep control over the African Americans. To do this, they established Black Codes. In some states, Blacks were kept from recieving any jobs other than farm hand or servants and were even refused homes. In order to combat the Black Codes, the Freedmen's Bureau was extended to include the codes.

African Americans and Politics During Reconstruction

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