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African American Literature

African American Literature Glog

This book girl named Ada Ruth whose mother leaves to go find work in Chicago. Ada Ruth feels sad because she continually writes her mother letters but doesn’t get any in return. But one day the postman stops and brings them a letter from her mother that says she will be coming home soon. This book would be helpful for students who have parents that they don't seen every day. This would give them a character that they can relate to that also misses her parent.

In this book the main character sixteen year old Bobby makes the mistake of accidentally getting his girlfriend, Nia, pregnant. His girlfriend and him decide that adoption will be the best route for their baby and them. However when Nia gets into an accident the baby is delivered fine but Nia sinks into a vegetative coma. Throughout the book different points alternate in time starting with now and going back to then. This book could help young teens going through hardships.

This book is about the history of a small girl named Toshi Georgiana’s family who all learned how to sew and create quilts they called the Show Way. The Show Way quilt was a guiding path for her family to make money and help other slaves get to the North Star. All of the members of her family contributed to helping African Americans become free and seen as equals. It could help .teach children about African American History

This book is a story about three little girls who go to Oakland to see their mother, Cecile. From the moment she picks them up at the airport it is clear that they are unwanted by her. They spend most of their month with her in Oakland at the People’s Center where they are fed and learn about what is going on with the civil rights of Black people. After spending almost a month with Cecile and her saying very little to them the girls leave Oakland and realize that the only thing they wanted from her was a hug.

In this book is about a little girl named Lily Brown who uses paining to imagine different places and pretend. She changes various parts of her painting, like the colors, based on her mood. At the end of the book she decides to paint her family because they are the ones who matter to her. This could give students who enjoy art a book to relate to. It could be used in relation with teaching art.

This book is written in poem form and talks about a variety of jazz music. Within the book there are various songs, each about something different and each from a different period in time. One part of the book talks about the different jazz instruments and talks about what they sound like. The book also includes a variety of jazz terms which are described in the back of the book. This book has incredible illustrations. This book could be used to introduce poetry.


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