African-American History

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African-American History

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African-American History

inhumanity:The slaves were denied the basic human rights. Thay had no freedom of any kind. they lived in shaby shacks with no proper system of sanitation. they were beaten ruthlessly, were not fed poperly and many of them died out of starvation. Black women were raped and girls as young as 13 became pregnant. When the slaves became sick they were not given any medical treatment and were left to die.Even after the abolistion of slavery the Blacks were segregated from the Whites. They could not live in White dominated areas, neither could they go to schools with White children. They could not board public vehicles or rest at the same waiting room as that of the whites. Even Blacks could not drink water from the taps meant for the Whites only.

What is slavery?Slavery was a system under which people were treated as property to be bought and sold, and were forced to work without any pay or allowances. Slaves could be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of basic human rights.

Slavery, the American story:Slavery existed in America from the time of British rule.However, after the Declaration of American Independence in 1776 AD, the Northern states abolished slave trade and slavery and they wanted to ban slavery throughout America. But the Southern states, which had large cotton farms, retained slaves to work in their farms and continued to treat them as animals. They saw the Northeners as their enymy.Due to this difference between the slave free Northern states and the slave states of the South, a civil war broke out in America. The Civil War came to an end in 1865 with the victory of the Northern states over south; and the then President of America, Abraham Lincoln, declared slavery as illegal across America.However, freedom did not mean equal rights and the Blacks were continued to be treated as subhuman creatures.In 1868 the Afro Americans were given American citizenship. An it was only in 1965, a hundred years after the ablolition of slavery, the American government gave voting right to the Afro Americans.

African-American History..

Racial segregation


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