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This is a cheetah the fastest land animal reaching speeds of 90mph.

This is a secratary bird they eat almost every thing

Afirica has 4 climate zones. Tropical, Temoerate,AridPolor

Climate is the yearly temperature and weather of a certan area. Climate is determend by weather, temperature, precipitation and air pressure.


African lions are one of the only cats that live in prides

Vegitation in africa ranges from desert to tropic. Most of africa is covered in deserts. Some areas are mild. The plants that live on the african savannah have specail apaptaions to live there. scence firs are common, the grass has roots that don't burn so it can grow back quickly

Africa has 7 vegitation zones. the landforms range for low lying savannahs to huge moutains.

Serval cub

Cheetah Mother and cubs

Africa's Climate Zones

Africa's vegitation zones

This is an Acacia tree. the top of it is flat because of the stong winds.

The climate in the desert is very hot and arid.

The Congo basin has a very hot and humid climate

This is some of africas vegitation

This is a baby zebra



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