Africa- Religion and Social Structure

by cengel17
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Social Studies
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Africa- Religion and Social Structure

Neolithic AgeReligion:~buried dead with afterlife essentials~worshiped forces of nature~worshiped totems, plants, and animalsSocial Structure:~societies were higher up ~families were still very independent ~men took leadership ~farming, trades, animals, etc.

Paleolithic AgeReligion:~animism~life after death~cave paintingsSocial Structure:~men and women were equal~both had equal responsibilities~women kept the house safe~men traveled far to hunt

MaliReligion:~ruled by Mansa Musa~made pilgrimage to Makkah~Timbuktu- center of Islamic learningSocial Structure:~King Mansa Musa~extremely wealthy~strong central government~provinces ruled by governors

Ancient EgyptReligion:~polytheistic religion (many gods)~had different ideas on creation~temples- dwelling place for godsSocial Structure:~based off the pyramid~position determined by birth~ruled by rich upper class

AfricaReligion & Social Structure



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