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Social Studies

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I used the CIA website, the mapsofworld website and the Earth book as my resources.


The people of Afghanistan Nationality: AfghansLanguages: Afghan Persian, or Dari, Pashto and TurkieReligion: Sunni Muslim and Shia MuslimEthnic Groups: Baloch, Pashtun, Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajik, Aimak and Hazara.Population: 31,822,848Median Age: 18.1 yearsLife Expectancy: 50.49 years

My country is located Southern Asia.

How can we help?You can help by donating to You can also help by spornsering a child. You can find out how to do these things by going to and it will tell you everything you need to know. Please stand out difference, as one person could change the world.

Main source of transportThe main sources are cars and vehicles that go on roads. This is because they are a poor country and they can't afford anything better. It is very hard to build good roads though, because of the fighting. So you have to be very careful when travelling.

Famous LandmarksThe Minaret of Jam, Tora Bora and the Darul Aman Palace. Even though Afghanistan is in terror, they still have beautiful landmarks.

Health StatisticsLife Expectancy: 50.49 yearsMortality Rate: 117.23 deaths every 1,000 birthsHealth Expenditures: 9.6%This tells us that a lot of babies are dying while young, and that there isn't a good enviroment for people to live that long.

ClimateAfghanistan experiences cold winters and hot summers. This is because it is quite close to the Equator as it is 35 degrees latitude, but it isnt close enough to the Equator for it to be hot all year round.


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