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Social Studies

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Hosseini Described in his novel the destruction of Afghanistan as well as the oppression of women . He used one character to represent the oppressor, Rasheed. Rasheed took on two wives and brutally beat both of them. He forbid them from educating themselves and form going out. Rasheed treated his wives poorly, as have many Afghanistan men. Marriam died to protect Laila from him. Not only did he show the brutally of the taliban, but also the destruction of what once was a beautiful country. He describes how magnificient the Buddha's were. Eventually they were blown to bits with the rest of the country cities.

Effects of War - ... During the Taliban Reign women were forbidden to study, so now only 25 of women are literate- ... Men were forced to study the Talibans religious books and as a result many families today are extremely strict and religious- ... Many families forbid their daughters from studying because they do not believe a girl needs to be educated - ... As a result the percentage of young violence, especially females burning themselves, have increased dramatically


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Buddhas before and after

TalibanWomen treated as property Women were forbidden to:Work Seek help from a male doctorLeave house without a male escortAlso forced to cover head to toe


Covered Head to Toe


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